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Through our Relevant Fuel Solutions (RFS) division we offer turnkey fuel service solutions by offering a complete program of testing, maintenance, and documentation required to keep your systems up and running.


RFS is the premier fuel management resource for organizations that trade on reliability. We provide turnkey fuel solutions that meet the demands of new equipment and new applications within an ever-evolving regulatory climate. Our staff is our greatest asset, and the team at Relevant Fuel Solutions includes specialists with advanced degrees and over 30 years of experience. We’ve brought together some of the finest problem-solvers in the world: engineers, designers, and industry experts with experience both deep and broad.


Our customer base includes small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, major universities and data centers. Each of our customers can count on fuel service that utilizes the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, as well as intellectual property that our competitors simply cannot offer. All our customers have one trait in common: they understand the risk in their business and they want an innovative, documented, proven approach to mitigating that risk. 


Mandi, Service Order Manager 

The team you sent here from Relevant did an outstanding job. It was in the triple digits all last week those guys worked nonstop every day. I would highly recommend them!

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