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Ernie Pido RPS’ New Director of Global Operations and Maintenance


RPS excitedly welcomes Ernie Pido onto the team as the Director of Global Operations

and Maintenance. Mr. Pido’s career began in the classroom where he excelled in math

and science. He went on to join the Naval Academy where he studied engineering.

Ernie later earned an MBA from Ashton University and a second master’s degree in

Project Management from Penn State University. After completing a fellowship at

Ashland University, he spent eight years as a Senior Marketing Manager at Cooper

Rolls. Following Cooper Rolls’ merger into Rolls Royce Ernie became a Project

Executive. After 10 years at Rolls Royce, he received the opportunity to work on

research and development at Siemens on the SGT-A45 mobile gas turbine package.

After collaborating with RPS on this historical project, Ernie desired to “be at the front

end of a new business working on mobile power generation,” he said. He will now

provide his skills to operate and maintain RPS’ mobile gas turbine installations. “The life

cycle continues from the inception to the use of manufacturing equipment, it grows and

evolves,” he said. We are excited to utilize his vast experience and insight to impact

power generation across the globe.

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