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From Intern to Employee: Cole Batsell's College Success Story


Starting your day at 5:00am every morning may not be the ideal college lifestyle; but for Cole Bastell this was the daily routine. Cole attended Texas A&M University where he was a cadet and mechanical engineering major. When he wasn’t doing physical training, he was working on power generation case studies. The summer after his fourth year of college Cole was inspired to reach out to RPS CEO, Richard Wolf, about an opportunity to intern.

Cole’s internship took him from laboratory to test line, giving him the real-world experience that he couldn't get in a lecture. “I worked on 3D models and CAD drawings. They took time with me, it was so helpful, and it gave me an advantage as a student.” Cole recounted. 

Cadet Cole is now a mechanical engineer at Relevant Power Solutions. When asked what Cole would like to say to Mr. Wolf he said with a smile, “ Thank you for giving me a shot, thank you for believing in me.”

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