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Rusty Bonnett

Vice President of Global Operations, Rusty Bonnett, is a recognized leader and influencer within the international power industry that elevates Relevant Power Solutions above its competition. In his 40-year career, which has been entirely in the electrical & aeroderivative gas turbine industry, he has personally experienced and overcomes most of the potential obstacles one could encounter.

Rusty started his career in gas turbines in the field as an electrical controls engineer with Stewart & Stevenson. He was promoted to project management. After joining GE's, he was promoted to the head of project management, where he managed 45 project managers covering projects around the globe. His project portfolio backlog of projects involved or managed exceeded 1100 projects with gas turbines (GE LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and LMS100) and BOP projects plus EPC projects.

When asked what gave him the confidence to lead and execute these high-stake projects, he attributed his most significant growth to his most challenging projects. One was a project he was assigned during difficult times in the Middle East and Columbia in the early '90s. From starting up Gas Turbines in war zones, the early days of having to trust in one's ability before instant communication was provided by cell phones and emails when it came time to "push the start button alone." Despite these dangerous and challenging circumstances, Mr. Bonnett and his team could bring power to many regions. Rusty recalled several of these projects, saying, "It gave me the confidence and the knowledge to execute and never be afraid of the tough jobs – look for them."

Rusty, one of RPS's first employees, brought his expertise to RPS in October of 2016. He works directly with customers, ensuring their projects' success, no matter how challenging the terrain or environment. He played an instrumental role in the sale and erection of the SGT-A45 mobile gas turbine to Bayat Power. The plant is historic because it is the first privately-owned power plant built in Afghanistan in over 40 years. "There are many reasons why there hasn't been a power plant in 40 years," Rusty said. "We know every single one, and yet we still succeeded. It's reliable, completed, and still operating at high margins today". The turbine is a giant step toward bringing the Afghani people independence and power to the region.

Mr. Bonnet's enthusiastic passion for power, incomparable industry experience, and relentless courage to face any obstacle make him an invaluable player on the Relevant Power Solutions team.

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