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When Thomas Suffered a Major Heart Attack, Relevant Power Was There with Open Arms


ne in four deaths in the United States is caused by a heart attack according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In early 2019, that statistic became reality for  father, friend and RPS employee Thomas Stauber who suffered a major heart attack. His heart attack caused complications requiring open heart surgery. In the midst of the emotional strain and shock, Ron Coker, RPS Vice President and General Counsel arrived at Thomas’ bedside with support and ”‘an encouraging word,” Thomas recalled. “It made me feel like the company was taking an active interest in how I was doing. It was just cool that he was there — he’s a really good guy”, Thomas said. 

When returning to Relevant Power, co-workers greeted Thomas with support, concern and open arms. “Clay [Metcalf]  hugged me”, Thomas chuckled “He was genuinely happy” as he recounted his first day back on the job. “On a daily basis Ed [Long, RPS CFO] would shake my hand and ask me how I was doing, and Richard [Wolf, CEO] too. They made an effort to say ‘hey we understand what you’re going through.’ He went on to say that he is grateful to be at a company where he is supported and appreciated by not only peers but by management as well. RPS continues to support Mr. Stauber in his road to recovery. This support is a genuine reflection of RPS’ mission: doing the right thing even when it’s not acknowledged by others, because our continuous growth depends upon the growth and success of our employees.

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